Musical Quest

Expounding carnatic music under several gurus,  He began his tutelage under the guidance of kalmadi Sri Sadasiva Acharya at the age of 12, who apart from training him, also exposed him to AIR concerts. During his college days, he along with Shertallay Renganatha Sharma, whom he considers his mentor and role model, have spent hours and hours listening recordings of stalwarts such as  Semmangudi,Madurai Mani Iyyer,T.R.S,T.N.Seshagopalan  etc which inspired him as a student to explore the field of music.

Later on, he came under the guidance of Sri Palai.C K Ramachandran, through whom he got to get associated with several vidwans, including the doyen of carnatic music  Sri Semmangudni Srinivasa Iyer. His tutelage under Sri T  R Subramaniam gave him new perspectives of Music, under whom, he unlearn to learn the finer aspects of mathematically superior music.

But Ajay was further refined to what he is today, to form his own style, an identity of himself, through the Gurukula he underwent under Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan. Sri Santhanagopalan, whom he considers his friend, philosopher and guide let him explore the veena  based, intricate approach to music through his style or bani, which stands as the pillars of his musical personality.Under his training, Ajay refined the dynamics of his music, by accompanying Sri Santhanagopalan through his several concerts. Inspired by Sri Santhanagopalan’s undying urge to spread the light of music, Ajay too has tried to follow his guru’s steps through the institutionalization of  Vishwa Kala Peetam, which strives to motivate and develop young promising talents in the traditional manner.