Vishwa Kala Peetam

Vishwa Kala Peetam, a center for Carnatic music, was conceived in 2005 by Sri Ajay Namboodiri.  Since its inception, the center has been singularly devoted to nurturing young talents under his able tutelage. An executive committee of several vidwans and rasikas set the Center’s over-arching charter.  Above all, Vishwa kala Peetam enjoys the blessings and goodwill of eminent musician, Isaiperoli Sri.Neyveli Santhanagopalan, who also is the guru of Sri Ajay Namboodiri.  


The sharing of Gnana (knowledge) is frequently acknowledged as one of the noblest forms of sharing, and amongst the great services to mankind. As one who has benefitted greatly from Sangeetha gnana daana, a time honored tradition of India’s Guruparampara system of learning, Sri Ajay Namboodiri wishes to help spread the light of Carnatic music far and wide, thus expressing his profound gratitude. With the intention of motivating, encouraging, inspiring, teaching, developing and the refining of budding talents, Viswa Kala Peetam desires to nurture aspiring musicians, allowing each to cultivate their own unique style.


Viswa Kala Peetam caters to aspiring musicians, both novice and experts.  Training classes are customized for each individual.. Work schedules, solo performances, group sessions, lecture demonstrations, laya exercises, guest lectures etc., organized by the Peetam add color and essence to traditional coaching.  Online classes made available through Skype and other internet based virtual interfaces provide comparable opportunities for those desirous of remote facilities.

Workshops and Lecture:

Carnatic music doyens such as Neyveli Sri Santhanagopalan, Sri Vittal Ramamurthy, Sri.Sherthallay.Renganatha Sharma, Sri.Mannarkoil.Balaji, Sri.S V Ramani, Sri.Poovannur.Vishwanathan routinely conduct workshops and guest lectures at Vishwa Kala Peetam.

Chamber concerts are arranged frequently to provide students with opportunities to build confidence while reaching out to a wider audience, as an exercise to enhance their confidence level at large. Vidwans, associated with the school are invited to critique such performances and to provide students their valuable suggestions and comments.


The institution also wings another learning experience through a series of sessions conducted under the canopy of ‘Samarpana’ a collective effort of Sri Ajay Namboodiri and Smt Baby Sreeram where their students and vidwans come together for sessions of mutual sharing of krithi based on a variety of composers, ragas or such relevant topic. This also provides space for the students to perform in front of knowledgeable audiences on a periodic basis.

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